Thursday, December 7, 2006

I'm Four and One. :-( The Odds are not improving.

Well, it's official. A couple of days ago, my sweet, darling 5 month old baby boy, Timothy, who is almost always happy, and definitely always wiggly, took sides. Yep, he said his first word, and it was, depressingly, "Dada."

I have five children (so far) and love each one dearly. Our first daughter babbled "Dada" at about 6 months of age, breaking my heart. Her brother followed suit when he was 5 or six months old. By the time our second daughter was born, I was determined. "Mama, Mama," I would chant with her, yet she still gigglingly declared "Dada" quite early, around 4 months (and hasn't stopped talking since!)

Then, a ray of hope! Out of the blue, when I was past all wistful thinking, our 3rd (and did I mention wonderfully intelligent) daughter decidedly stated "MAMA!" before a "Dada" ever escaped her lips! I was exultant, as only one whose gajillions of rewarded sleepless nights and diaper changes can be.

However, the tide of baby babble has again turned against me. Ah well, I suppose I can afford some small victories to my dashingly handsome spouse. After all, I do have the ultimate leverage in baby love. I'm the one who makes the milk.

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