Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things that make you go "Hmmm"

On Sunday afternoon our family attended the annual Christmas party sponsored by my husband's company. While there we enjoyed a performance by Royal Sorrell, a terrific balloon artist who holds a world record and does all sorts of crazy stuff.

Standing over on the sidelines, I was chatting with the fellow supervising the kid's sand art table. He claimed that Mr. Sorrell was also a talented actor who majored in mime in college. He wondered what school you could find that would support such a degree.

Which led to this thought: Even if there were a school of mime, how would anyone ever tell you about it?

Carnival of Kids Comedy

This is my first attempt at hosting this - and at linking, for that matter - so if it doesn't work, laugh at me instead of the kids! (And then post a comment so I can fix it!)

Here are this week's hilarious offspring:

Local Girl partakes in the dilemma common to all parents of toddlers in The Not-So-Perfect Holiday Photo

The children of ZenKitty thoughtfully provided a Holiday Feast for any squirrels who may have procrastinated on their winter cache of nuts this year.

Rebecca over at About Absolutely Nothing shares an original joke from a Pretty Colorful little girl!

Kate gives her Recipe for Success on a longer-than-expected outing with small people. We've all been there, Kate.

A minor misunderstanding between Michael and his daughter led to this conversation about Gender Appropriate Clothing. Hope she doesn't find his pink bunny slippers! (Just kidding LOL)

And finally, Charmin shares the unique joys of little boys in PB4UGO. 'Nuff said.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

I'm Four and One. :-( The Odds are not improving.

Well, it's official. A couple of days ago, my sweet, darling 5 month old baby boy, Timothy, who is almost always happy, and definitely always wiggly, took sides. Yep, he said his first word, and it was, depressingly, "Dada."

I have five children (so far) and love each one dearly. Our first daughter babbled "Dada" at about 6 months of age, breaking my heart. Her brother followed suit when he was 5 or six months old. By the time our second daughter was born, I was determined. "Mama, Mama," I would chant with her, yet she still gigglingly declared "Dada" quite early, around 4 months (and hasn't stopped talking since!)

Then, a ray of hope! Out of the blue, when I was past all wistful thinking, our 3rd (and did I mention wonderfully intelligent) daughter decidedly stated "MAMA!" before a "Dada" ever escaped her lips! I was exultant, as only one whose gajillions of rewarded sleepless nights and diaper changes can be.

However, the tide of baby babble has again turned against me. Ah well, I suppose I can afford some small victories to my dashingly handsome spouse. After all, I do have the ultimate leverage in baby love. I'm the one who makes the milk.