Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Time to Blog

"To everything there is a season," and I am thinking of trying out the world of blogging in this one. This is a very busy, wonderful portion of my life, with many higher priorities than this calling out to me; so this blog will only last as long as I can still be honorable in the roles of wife, mom and keeper of my home (a tough one for me).

That said, this sure looks like fun! I've been lurking on several blog sites for the last few days, and plan to put links to some of them soon. Many sites are so well done that it's a bit intimidating to even think of linking to them, but then, the ladies that run them are obviously gracious, by the things they choose to discuss, so I'm sure will be kind to this newbie and allow me to join the circle...

So here is a little bit about moi: I'm Heather, and I have inhabited this earth for 11,135 days (I think I did the quick math on my handy dandy calculator correctly) and hope to stick around enough longer to cuddle my great grandchildren, unless Jesus comes back first! Grandbabies are still a ways off, as my oldest daughter, Rebecca, just turned 9 last month. Next in line is Andrew, our 7 year old son, then Lydia, age 4, Bethany, 2 and finally (so far) Timothy, 4 months and a few weeks.

My first two children are very proud of the fact that they are actually "older" than their father, permanently, as Chris is only 6, and they will be 10 and 8 before he turns 7! By the time he turns 8, Lydia will have passed him and Bethany will be right behind him, but gaining fast... No, I didn't rob the cradle, can you figure it out?

Chris and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary this January 4, and look forward to many more fabulous years together, Lord willing. We are transplants to the Northeast corner of the U.S., since he grew up in Georgia and Florida, and I am from Washington state. God brought us together in a wonderful way - more on that another time - and set us in this spot, and here we are, until He tells us to move. I still shiver each fall thinking about the coming winter, but our children can hardly wait; they're already making grandiose plans for all the snow: men/forts/angels/balls/fun they're going to have in a couple of months!

My username, "Happy Mom" is more a reminder to myself than anything. A while back I decided to commit Proverbs 31:10-31 to memory. I was already very familiar with the "Excellent wife" passage, but wanted it to be really in my heart, as something to spur me on to be what God desires of me. Well, I got down to verse 28, where her children and husband are praising her for her care, and the version I was using said "Her children rise up and call her happy." HAPPY! I was expecting to see the word "blessed." I know the words are sometimes translated interchangably, but it really struck a chord with me that time.

"Blessed" is just a little more esoteric to me, anyone can be blessed, whether they are deserving or not, but "happy," now that's a moniker you only get if you are consciously making a decision to be joyful as you go about your day. There are so many days where it is easier to be dutiful, without the joy that should mark my existence as a child of God.

I want to be worthy of my children someday rising up and calling me "blessed, happy, joyful, at peace" whatever comes to mind. I know that will only happen if I choose to trust in my Savior as I go about this incredible privilege of building my home and raising my children. So I post Scripture around my house. I sing with and to my family. I work on my prayer life. I do my best to "light up" when my loved ones enter a room (that's easier to do when they're happy too, but I'm trying!) I choose screen names that remind me where my priorities lie. I'm open to any other wonderful ideas for being "joyful always" that others may have found.

Well, the dishes and laundry are calling, so happily I bound off to bless my family with folded clothes and cereal bowls in the morning! :)

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blestwithsons said...

Yeah puzzled me for a minute or two... But now I've got it! You married a Leap Year Baby.

So there!